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Bryant and Kazan (2012) defines self-leadership as someone having a developed sense of who they are, what they can do, and where they are going. Coupled with this is the ability to influence communication, emotions, and behaviors.

You know you should be happier but you can’t let go of your past hurts and allow yourself to heal.

You know you should be taking opportunities life gives you somehow, you don’t think you are deserving of those opportunities so you let them go.

You know you should impact lives but you feel inadequate or unqualified to share your insights

Does this sound familiar?

It all boils down to SELF LEADERSHIP.

Little wonder some people reach their potential while others barely scratch the surface. The importance of self-leadership in personal growth and overall success cannot be over-emphasized.

“One of the key elements for self-leadership is responsibility. If you can take responsibility, you can take action. If you take action, you get results” – Andrew Bryant
During this summit we will emphasize the importance of self leadership and show proven steps on how to deploy self leadership in all the different aspects of our lives from the sessions of seasoned and successful professionals from all walks of life.

Our Speakers

Tomi Adisa

Pastor, Author, President- The Novel Woman Foundation, Convener- The Warrior Moms Hub

Omolara Adetukasi

Pastor, Public Health Expert, Convener, The Mother’s Prayer Summit

Adebola Kupoluyi

Transformational Coach, Leadership Expert, Dynamic Professional & Author

Bralade Emenanjo

Boundaries Queen, Author, Convener – The Boundaries Summit

Olabisi Folarin

Professional Christian Counselor, Author, Certified Marriage Mentor, Relationship and Marriage Coach

Aronke Afe Emmanuel

Visionary Entrepreneur, Author & Founder Of Poshbaby.NG

Ebadan Ayoodeji

The Print Doctor, Author, Speaker, Innovative Publisher  &  Founder -Read Of Africa

Sherifat Ogunnowo

The Growth Coach. Passionpreneur, Pharmacist, Author, Public speaker, Mentor & Corporate Capacity Builder.

Morenike Ogunnowo

Business Management Expert and Coach, Speaker, Author & Founder – Paragon Pearl Initiatives

Ufuoma Peter

Dynamic Business Owner, Consultant, Mentor  Network Marketing Coach.

Lisa Sullivan

Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker, Outfit Whisperer

Banke Adebayo

Hello, I’m Banke and I had I learned early in life to self-lead even though I had no idea that was what I was doing. When I began to write my memoir DELICATE WINGS STEEL SPINE, I noticed a pattern that highlighted to me the important role that self-leadership has played in my life even in the most inconsequential things.

Over the years, as a Virtual Assistant coach, I have interacted with women and noticed a trend…we are wired to expect things to be done for us and the reality is that more often than not, you have to take the initiative to go after what you want.

I am super passionate about the woman and her all-round growth and wellbeing. That’s why THE SELF LEADERSHIP SUMMIT is here.

I can’t wait to meet you at the summit. Our lineup of speakers is impressive and I am waiting to hear the wisdom and insights they will share with us.

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